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?Selection of the wedding venue

10 czerwca, 2022
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?Selection of the wedding venue

Choosing a hall for our wedding was not a very easy undertaking for us, although I think unlike other couples, we had it a little easier – for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we were organising a wedding back in the pandemic era, June 2021 to be precise – that’s when we started to get an idea about the venue. Back then, people still lived in the belief that there was no telling what might happen, what the covid situation would be like, whether mass events, weddings and other such celebrations would even be allowed to take place. 

We were looking for a place that would accommodate a large number of guests – Karol has a huge family, and I have a lot of friends who have accompanied me at various stages of my life, and I want to enjoy and celebrate the most important day of my life together with them. This was the reason why I chose the Narvil hotel – a facility located in beautiful surroundings, at the mouth of the Bug River into the Narew River. The same hotel where, among others, the wedding of Aleksandra Kwasniewska and Kuba Badach took place.

The advantage of Narvil is a discreet and secluded atmosphere of the forest surroundings – at first glance you can see that this facility absorbs the energy coming from nature. What is important, there is also an ecological aspect – the hotel was built with respect and in full harmony with the surrounding nature. The building is located between the trees in such a way that no unnecessary felling of trees was necessary, and inside the building there are numerous architectural references to two symbols – the peace of the forest and the element of water.

Above all, however, the venue is very large, which means it can accommodate as many guests as we wish to invite to our wedding – and this number is impressive, as at the moment it is about 450 people. Of course we are aware that with such a scale there is a big chance that one of the guests will suffer a fortuitous event, because of which they may not be able to come to the wedding, but we wanted to make it possible for every guest to be present, without any potential calculations.

The Narvil Hotel in Serock has everything we needed – a beautiful location, it is relatively close to Warsaw, Żyrardów and the airport, which is important for our guests from abroad. In addition, the facility has great accommodation. Moreover, both Karol and I, as well as our parents and our company EMKA S.A. had the opportunity to organise events in the Narvil Hotel and participate in events organised by other companies, so we had the opportunity to see that the service is at a very high level. The food is served very quickly, everyone is nice and polite, the chef is phenomenal and everything that comes out of his hands – delicious. 

And, what is equally important, you can really get along with the people working in the hotel 🙂 Obviously, not everything we come up with is acceptable to the hosts, but we can discuss every idea with them calmly, being sure that we will be given appropriate advice. It gives us comfort that our wedding will be properly organised and all potential problems and difficulties will be solved in a mutually beneficial way.