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9 czerwca, 2022
9 czerwca, 2022 • 0 Comments


Karol and I generally have this thing that we very often forget things. Therefore, if someone doesn’t send us a specific invitation on Teams or an added Outlook invitation to a meeting, celebration or other celebration, it simply falls out of our minds. With us, even a form of reminder or saying something has to be so fully materialised.

Hence, we gave our guests a year before the wedding something called „Save the date”, which in English could be translated as „Save yourself a date” or „Przypominajka”. Our „Save the date” had a unique form – well, their form already showed what the theme of the wedding was going to be in terms of colour – in fact, one of the colours: pink.

This „Save the date” had the date of the ceremony on one side, of course, and on the other side, to make it even more interesting, so that it wasn’t just a blank page torn out of a calendar, above this calendar with the date 18 June marked is our photo. It may not be one of the first photos of us together, but it is one of the first taken after Karol and I became a couple. I was seven at the time and Charles was eight, and the photograph was taken in the distinctive basement that we used to play and party in Charles’ old house. Interestingly, the photo itself was taken during his birthday party, which always had a special place in our calendar.

Of course, at these kinds of parties we had room and freedom to act, and as befits young people – we had no shortage of ideas for fun. One of them was a bottle game – for kisses. There were kisses on the cheek and kisses on the lips, there was also a chance for so called „kisses back” and Karol and I did our best to make sure that the kisses back were as they should be. 😉