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Children’s sandbox

25 sierpnia, 2021
25 sierpnia, 2021 • 0 Comments

Children’s sandbox

In fact, neither of us has any idea how we met. We don’t know how old we were or where our first meeting took place. One thing we are sure of – we have known each other forever. Let’s assume that since the proverbial sandpit. But exactly when, nobody knows – not even our parents. For those who don’t know us that well, I think it’s important to explain why the word „parents” is used in the first post of this blog, which after all is about our wedding and reception. Well, we were introduced to each other by them – our parents, who to each other were nothing more than acquaintances from some common group of friends.

Chances are good that we first saw each other when we could barely speak, and the charming „Gugugaga!” was the equivalent of „Nice to meet you!” The first conscious, longer meeting we can remember was in 1999 and our trip together to a winter camp in Szczyrk. I was stressed. There were so many new things. There was Karol. There was Marcin. Lots of new „aunties” and „uncles”, because how else can you talk to nice, well-known adults with whom you see every day for a week? Only „auntie” and „uncle”. Simple. Coming back to Szczyrk, I think I experienced this trip much more than Karol. Karol knew Marcin better, they were the same age and, most importantly, it was already their second (or maybe even third!) ski season! My guesses turned out to be right. The 7 year old boys really delivered.

Marcin was definitely in the lead when it came to skiing skills. Karol came second and I came third. Marcin’s pace was so good that he could be a downhill companion even for adults! I spent the first two days of the winter holiday learning, and from day three I left the conveyor belt behind and took up the next skiing challenge, which was the T-bar. There were many times when Karol waited for me, and sometimes he made two runs for my one, and as a result we ended up on the same ski lift without knowing what was going on.