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What do the invitations for our wedding look like?

9 czerwca, 2022
9 czerwca, 2022 • 0 Comments

What do the invitations for our wedding look like?

The last two years have been full of travelling for me and Charles. That’s why our wedding invitations are in this form – the invitation looks like a passport with a boarding pass inserted in it.

On the one hand we wanted to emphasise our recent travels and on the other hand we wanted to find invitations that would be unusual, interesting and surprising for our guests. So far we have received only positive comments as far as the invitations are concerned.

Of course, apart from the interesting form, it contains all the necessary information, such as the date and place of the wedding and reception, website address and also an individual invitation code, thanks to which our guests could check in to the wedding. This was made possible with the help of our IT department who wrote a proprietary check-in system. The system allows guests to select all sorts of information – just like when checking in for a flight – including details such as table seating preferences. 

We are glad that the system worked perfectly and that the guests not only found this form of pre-flight check-in easy to use, but also appreciated this way of confirming their presence on that important day and the possibility of discussing the details they were interested in. Our photo could not be missing from the invitation either – this time it was a photograph from Karol’s prom.

Our invitations were produced by Forum Design Cards from Nadarzyn. We also can’t forget to mention the Angel of our life and our company – Bartosz Łysikowski, who with his magical pen touched all the visual, invitation and other wedding-related elements. Thanks to that they are very personal, they have many hidden things – there is a heart glow, a beautiful quote that says there is nothing more beautiful than marrying your childhood love… <3